Macaw Mountain & PRO-ALAS

Macaw Mountain is a bird rescue, rehabilitation and release center located in Copán Ruinas, Honduras. Founded 21 years ago, it has become the flagship home of the Scarlet Macaw in Honduras. Its mission educates tourists about the conservation of birds and biodiversity in Honduras. Currently, it is home to more than 300 birds of more than 30 different species.

Since 2001, Macaw Mountain Bird Park has tirelessly worked to rescue, rehabilitate, breed, and reintroduce Scarlet Macaws into the skies of Copán Ruinas. In addition to caring for and releasing macaws born in captivity, they place artificial nests around the valley and monitor the reproduction of birds that already live in the wild.

The scarlet macaws, whose populations had drastically declined due to habitat loss and poaching, have become a tangible symbol of recovery and community collaboration. Over 100 individuals now fly freely, coloring the skies not only with their feathers but also with the hope of a recovering ecosystem.

As a result of the conservation projects of the bird park, an NGO was born: PRO-ALAS. Collaborating with other organizations inside and outside Honduras, the NGO makes possible the successful macaw release program developed in the Copán Valley, implementing an educational program in which the entire community is involved with teachings about the conservation of the national bird, its habitat, feeding, reproduction and protection.

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