Our Story

  • We are a family-owned business that holds a steadfast conviction: coffee means more than a beverage; it embodies the very essence of culture itself.

    Our narrative unfolds in the picturesque suburbs and cities of Honduras, where the timeless tradition of sharing a cup of coffee with loved ones  is an integral part of daily life.

  • Driven by the desire to elevate awareness of our distinguished Honduran coffee's exceptional flavor profile, we embarked on a journey to embrace the richness of coffee from various farms in the region of Copan.

  • This led us to adopt a deliberate approach to:

    roasting with purpose—one aimed at meticulously capturing and conveying the cultural essence of each coffee variety, ensuring that every cup we serve is a remarkable homage to its heritage. 

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Read more on our process

Uncover the step-by-step process that goes into creating the coffee we serve at our Lyndhurst, NJ location.

Importing the coffee

We select different coffee varieties, with different processes and farms to add variety. We import the coffee to our main location in Lyndhurst.

Creating Roast Profiles

We dedicate a lot of time to getting to know our coffee beans, we roast each coffee with a different profile roast to ensure we bring out the best tasting notes for you to enjoy

Coffee Cupping

During roast profile creation, we do multiple cupping sessions after each roast to ensure the roast profile brings out the best flavors for each coffee bean. If the roast doesn't meet the standards, we start the roasting process again!

Frequently asked questions

Why we source from Honduras

Honduras is the largest coffee producer in Central America, ranking third in Latin America. Our objective is to create awareness about the exceptional quality of Honduran coffee, ensuring that it receives the recognition it truly deserves.

Why is our focus on Medium Roast

Since our coffees are cultivated at high altitudes and belong to microlot/nanolot coffee varieties, they possess distinct delicate flavors like floral or fruity notes, which are best highlighted in lighter roasts. Our team meticulously roasts and evaluates each batch, ensuring that we unlock the true potential of every coffee in its perfect roast.

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