The Prologue to our Coffee Odyssey

The Prologue to our Coffee Odyssey

In December 2022, the family gathered in the living room, contemplating the idea of venturing into business. The notion struck suddenly, but it felt like the opportune moment. The question lingered—what type of business to pursue? Perhaps a gym or a convenience store.

Drawing from his roots in the Copan region of Honduras, my father recalled an acquaintance involved in the coffee export industry there. This newfound insight became our motivation to establish contact with the exporter, steering our focus exclusively toward the coffee industry.

Given Honduras's prominence as the largest coffee producer in Central America, third in Latin America, and sixth worldwide, we deemed tapping into this Honduran resource as our best course of action.

The Business Plan

The journey commenced with crafting a business plan, engaging with the exporter, researching equipment, and scouting for a commercial space.

The Space

Finally, in April 2023, we secured a suitable commercial space—a blank canvas signaling a new beginning, albeit one that demanded a considerable amount of hard work.

Our coffee bar plans took shape as we measured and cut cardboard to fit the equipment sizes. Despite faster alternatives, we opted for a traditional approach. Concurrently, we handled permits, licenses, and the acquisition of equipment.

During this phase, we initiated the equipment ordering process, securing the La Marzocco Linea Classic S, Loring S7, and Mahlkönig grinders. The Loring and additional equipment promptly arrived, prompting us to shift our focus to installation and machine training. Simultaneously, we actively sought out reliable suppliers and commenced the process of importing our coffee.

Construction progressed while we focused on meeting building, plumbing, electrical, and health inspection requirements.

During that period, we transformed our design concepts into reality. Mayra Sierra, our CEO and a skilled civil engineer, applied her expertise to craft the concept for Sierra Coffee Group. She played a key role as the designer behind the Sierra Coffee concept.

We imported the coffee, developed the roasting profiles, and officially opened our doors on November 21st. We'll be delving into more aspects of our journey in upcoming blog posts, providing a deeper insight into the steps we took, challenges we faced, and the exciting moments as we progressed toward our opening on November 21st. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at our story!



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