Partners in this journey

Consider us your partners in the journey! Join the Sierra family and let's navigate the world of Honduran coffee together through our wholesale program. Experience the thrill of discovering rare microlot varieties and premium beans sourced directly from Honduras's top regions. Let's embark on this exciting coffee adventure side by side.

  • Roasted Coffee

    For those who advocate for direct trade coffee in their coffee shop or retail setting, you can count on us to deliver consistently fresh roasted coffee.

    Perfect for: Cafes, restaurants, offices

  • Cutomizable option

    Whether you're interested in co-branding with us or showcasing your brand independently through a white-label solution, we provide customizable options with fast turnaround times. With co-branding, you can spotlight our achievements and farm-to-cup story, while a private label puts your business and brand at the forefront.

    Perfect for: Businesses trying to showcase their brand

  • Corporate Gifts

    Crafted with your desire to make a thoughtful and uplifting impact on your clients or employees, our service is designed to ensure cost efficiency per individual. We guide you in choosing the perfect gift package, accompanied by a customized card. After your final approval, we take care of packaging and shipping for all your recipients, allowing you to focus on making meaningful connections.

    Perfect for clients, potential clients, employees

  • Events

    Planning an event? Look no further! We're here to ensure that your occasion is unforgettable with our freshly roasted coffee. Whether it's a corporate gathering, wedding celebration, or a cozy get-together, our expertly crafted coffee will add a touch of sophistication and flavor to your event. Let us enhance your event with the rich aroma and exquisite taste of our carefully selected beans.

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